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Cheryl Simmons


ARCSE is looking for volunteers for nomination to President Elect. It is a great position, and you get two years to absorb the ARCSE structure and visit with representatives and members before moving to President. We have a great supportive board and conduct bi-monthly board visits. Please let us know if you have a recommendation or can consider the position.

As ARCSE moves forward, we hope to continue to support student related efforts. The SWCS (, in partnership with ARCSE ( is moving to accept applications for the summer intern position. The deadline to apply is March 5th. By going virtual for the 2021 annual meeting, we are all saving potential travel money, so consider contributing to support student activities.

Our hearts go out to all dealing with the aftermath of extreme weather and the pandemic. Spring is on its way, and we hope for better as we move through this year. As the “normal” settles into place, please feel free to reach out to ARCSE. We enjoy hearing from all for the newsletter but visiting at the State and local levels can also be a great chance to catch up with co-workers and new friends in conservation.



Paul Benedict, Membership Chair

New Member

Craig Derickson–Lincoln, Nebraska

New Life Members

Kevin D. Norton–Woodworth, Louisiana

Greg Walker–Raleigh, North Carolina


Paul Benedict, Membership Chair

For your convenience ARCSE annual dues and hard copy fees can now be paid by credit card:

You still can pay by check as in the past. Mail checks to: ARCSE, PO Box 8965, Moscow, ID 83843


2021 ARCSE Directory

The 2021 ARCSE Directory will be coming out with the May/June Newsletter. Please make sure I have your correct information for the Directory. Email me at if there is anything you want added or removed from the directory.


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I would like to thank all the ARCSE members who have paid their 2021 dues and hard copy fees. Please remember, if you wish to get the next ARCSE Newsletter and 2021 ARCSE Directory you must pay your 2021 dues by April 15th, 2021. I will be sending you a friendly reminder postcard in the next couple of weeks if I do not have record of your 2021 dues payment, so you can save me effort and postage if you pay your dues right away.


If you are receiving a hard copy and have not yet paid your 2021 dues or hard copy fee, here is a reminder on how to decipher the information on your label. See payment example labels below. 1. If the first number to the right of your name on your mailing label is “20”, “20C”, or lower, your dues are due! Numbers like “21C”, “21”, or higher indicate that your dues are paid for 2021. Numbers “999” indicate life members or honorary members, and your dues are paid.2. If the second number to the right of your name on your mailing label is “H20,” an additional payment of $12 is required to continue receiving a printed copy of the newsletter. If it is “H21” or above, no additional payment is required to continue receiving a printed copy of the newsletter.


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NOTE: Dues payment includes receipt of the bimonthly electronic newsletter only. All members (both life members and those who pay annual dues) who desire a hard copy of the newsletter must pay an additional fee of $12.00 per year.

Please submit Dues to ARCSE at P.O. Box 8965 Moscow, ID 83843

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2021 Additional Fee for Printed Copy: All members (life members, honorary members and those who pay annual dues) who desire a printed copy of the newsletter must pay an additional fee of $12.00 per year. Since many of you have already paid, please follow the instructions on the dues notice concerning the address label information to determine if you must pay the additional fee. This $12.00 will help offset ARCSE annual costs of over $20.00 per member to print and distribute the printed newsletter.

2021 Dues Notice to Members receiving the electronic newsletter: A dues notice is not included with the electronic newsletter. Members receiving the electronic newsletter whose dues are due will receive a separate email from ARCSE with a dues notice attached (WATCH FOR IT).

Life Members, honorary members, and members who have already paid their 2021 dues will receive an email assuring you that your membership dues are paid.

ARCSE Complimentary membership - When you have retiree social functions or any other time that you see new retirees from NRCS, be sure to remind them that they are eligible for a one-year complimentary membership in ARCSE if they have not previously been a member. All that is required is that they submit a membership application. This one-year complimentary membership includes receiving the bimonthly electronic newsletter. Membership applications and the ARCSE brochure may be printed at:

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November 1, 2020 (Sorted alphabetically by State, City, then Last Name) Use this current listing to find members in states or cities you may be passing through. Bold names are ARCSE state representatives.

National Older Worker Career Center, Now looking work Watershed Program Experience


NOWCC began operations in 1997 as a national nonprofit organization to promote experienced workers as a valuable and critical component of the nation’s workforce. The precursor of NOWCC was a unit inside AARP that had administered the EPA Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program for over 15 years. As the result of a strategic restructuring in 1996, AARP decided to conclude its connection with the SEE Program. Because of its commitment to the value of older workers, AARP facilitated the launch of a new non-profit, NOWCC, to continue administering its portion of the SEE Program and to continue to promote experienced worker programs.

Currently, NOWCC administers the Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) Program for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) of the USDA and for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) in partnership with the AARP Foundation for the U.S. Department of Labor, and recently began working with Economic Research Service (ERS) to provide enrollees who are experienced workers 55 years and older to assist with providing the USDA, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and National Park Service (NPS).

Tim Forbert is the ACES Recruiter/Program Specialist (email: <


These are just a few of the pictures from the current edition of the ARCSE Newsletter available to Members of the Association. 


We had a California record number of participants in our last monthly Zoom Meeting, February 3rd, with participants as shown below.
Following is a report I shared With California retirees regarding that meeting.
“Hi Folks, it was great Zooming with the folks who made it to our first Wednesday of the month Zoom session last week. We did have a record size group of 20 join us. We also had a special guest join us, Carlos Suarez, our current State Conservationist, who wished us all well in the New Year and shared a little how our current staff is working in this COVID environment.
From Carlos, the agency's work continues on with the biggest change that many staff members are doing a lot of work from home. Carlos wished all our retirees the best in the New Year. From Carlos's comments it is clear our agency is still a people-oriented group that cares for and enjoys working with each other. Top row L-R: Vicki Davis, Bill Ward, Madalene Ransome, Paul Benedict, and Jolene Lau. Next Row: Ron Schultz, Rich Casale, Helen Flach, Al Cerna, and Jack Bramhall. Next Row: Anita Brown, Jim Chapman, Pat Grover, Hank Wyman, and Harold Honeyfield. Bottom Row: Carlos Suarez, Mark Parson, Ed Schmidt, Bob Snieckus, and Walt Sykes.

Frances King, a victim of COVID-19, one day before she would have been 100 years young.
Frances worked in the SCS Nebraska State Office Administrative Services prior to her retirement. She had an outstanding career as manager and lead person working in the contracts and procurement sections.


From Jerry Bernard: a friendly fox came out of the woods and gave us the eye. He was hunting mice and voles that were attracted by our bird feeders.


TO CONTACT US: write or email
Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees (ARCSE)
PO Box 8965, Moscow, ID 83843
Email: arcse.treas@gmail

Officers:  President of ARSCE is Cheryl Simmons.
Jack Carlson as Secretary, Paul Benedict as Membership Chair and Donna Beggs as Treasurer.


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